Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620

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Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620
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Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620Nokta Makro Simplex+ Metal Detector - 11000620

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Moody
Great beginner unit with features usually only found on pro units.

Got this to get into metal detecting as a hobbie. (Something to do for exercise.) As some of these units can cost as much as a used car. I was looking for a good beginner unit that wouldn't cost me a arm and a leg but was a step above the bottom of the pile.

After reading reviews and watching videos about the Simplex+, I decided to get it. It seem to come up a lot in videos and reviews.


Great price for a beginner unit with pro features. I paid around 255 bucks for this unit and glad I did. I needed a cheap unit but didn't want to get a bottom of the barrel unit.

Has a lot of features usually only found on higher priced units such as:

Ground balancing:
Ground can contain natural salts/minerals, such as in wet beach sand or fine iron particles. These minerals might cause a Detector to display readings in a similar way that a real target does.
When the ground balance is corrected, it cancels out the effects of this ground mineralization and letting the detector only read the new targets and not the ground and the target.
Most beginner units don't have this resulting in a lot of false readings.

Notch discrimination:
When detecting with this unit, it will give you a number that coresponds to the type of metal it finds.
This unit allows you to get rid of unwanted metals so you can focus on the good stuff.
For example, I was picking up a lot of beer caps and rusty nails, with this feature, I can focus on finding gold rings and maybe pirate booty!

Built in search modes:
This allows you to select what kind of field your searching in and the unit will automaticly adjust for those conditions such as certain parks, beaches and open fields.

Allows connection with blue tooth headphones. But this is both a positive and negative as you can only use their brand on head phones, not your Bose or airpods.

Its also waterproof I guess. Its not like i'm going diving with it anytime soon but its nice to know it can get wet without issues.

Additional personal likes:
It has a built in led light for evening and night metal detecting foolishness. At first I thought this was just some gimmick, but I found that it does come in real handy.
The display also has a built in light and vibration which will alert you when a target has been found.

Has a pinpoint feature which allows you to better find your treasure.
It has retractable shafts that make it easy to travel with.
Rechargable battery. You can also connect a portable usb battery bank to it and still use the unit while it charges.

You can update the firmware on the unit.

It does have a little bit of a learning curve with the display. Since it has more options than a normal beginner unit, it can take a while to learn how to use this unit.
(Unlike other units that just have a simple needle reader)
I downloaded the user guide on my phone.

The rechargable battery is great but it isn't removable. This means when it starts to go, you have to send the whole unit in to have it replaced. The battery is suppose to last around 5 years.

Overall, I've been very happy with this unit and would definitely recommend it as a high end beginner unit.

Units that I was considering:

Garrett At Max:
This is a top of the line workhorse unit that when looking at videos for metal dectecting comes up most of the time. It's considered by some to be the best higher end.
I would have love to have gotten this unit but it was over my budget and since I was just starting this hobby, I didn't want to get too deep in dept.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector:
This unit was both highly recommended and the cheapest for the beginner. ( Less that 100 bucks)
Its very simple (just a needle display). A lot of videos say this is a good little unit but it seemed very basic to me and I didn't want to start at the very bottom.

David K. From Puget Sound
Amazing Detector

For the price point the Nokta Simplex is a fantastic metal detector.

This IS the Detector You are Looking For

Absolutely fantastic! I've had this for less than a week, am still a newbie learning the ropes, and already I have dug up so much cool history. Not the least of which being some Native American silver made in the 1930s for the first black cowboy film, and a 10k gold ring whose owner cried with joy when we tracked him down. It was the last thing he received from his mother, and was stolen in the 1980s.

Prior to buying this upon the advice of every diehard detector, I had only ever briefly tried cheap Harbor Freight and Big 5 metal detectors, such as the Bounty Hunter. This one makes them look like carnival participation prizes. I am telling you- if you're seeking an inexpensive, but very worthwhile metal detector- BUY THIS ONE! Forget the knock-offs in the comparable items window- they are not in the same league. Planning to try the Nokta Mini Hoard for my toddler next, as he loves to try and hunt with this as well. ??

Also be sure to get some headphones and a pinpointer. The pinpointer will make life immensely easier while digging, and the headphones will save the sanity of your neighbors, as you learn to operate your machine and decipher which tones to go for. There are countless YouTube tutorials, which are helpful, but your best technique will ultimately be the one you build from your own intuition.

A Very Good Detector

I bought the Simplex as a "niche" detector meaning - I have another one with a higher frequency, which is probably better for small gold items. The Simplex, on the other hand, is better (detects deeper) for coins, tokens, and rings which is what I mostly hunt. I don't live in an area where I can do any gold prospecting, so the Simplex has become my "go to" machine. The design of this detector's controls are well conceived: not too many "bells and whistles", but just enough to be very functional. It allows you to concentrate on the hunt and not on the machine. I love how quickly I can switch from Field Mode to Park Mode as target density increases, and visa versa when signals become farther apart.

My advise to anyone purchasing the Simplex (as with any detector) is take time to learn it's functions. While it is very easy to use and not overly complex, to get optimum results will require setting it up properly according to the ground conditions which you are hunting in.

If you are a beginner, or a casual detectorist who isn't too "Techy", then the Simplex is one of the best all around detectors for the money.

Natasha Adams

Fantastic machine! Packaged very well and was very easy to assemble, plugged it into my computer with the included charge/sync cable and downloaded the latest update, then charged it up , which only took 20 minutes and I've been using it for a few days now on on one charge , tested the coil with different metals right out of the box and in under 5 minutes I was out side digging coins and all sorts of stuff . The depth of this machine is amazing,was reading targets at 18 inches and discriminating between two targets just like them high priced Detector's. Was Easy to use the nox too and the pinpointer button makes zeroing in on a target way easier than anything else I ever used , bright and easy to understand and navigate readout , used the built in vibration mode several times in places where the machine could annoy other's ,and along with the very bright led light under the readout , which is perfect when you are in the woods on a good spot . I have used the Simplex Completely underwater in the river yesterday and combined with the light and vibration mode this is an amazing metal detector . I love everything about it and there's a very minimal learning curve to get used to with this. The large Vdi
number target ID is very easy to read and it's easy to avoid certain targets such as pull tabs with this machine. I like that it came with a adapter to use any set of wired headphones as I didn't buy the nokta headphones , but instead use a pair of skull candy hesh 2 in place of them . This machine has volume control for headphones , and so many other useful things to make this Detector like a caddilac . Very light too, can swing this bad boy all day long with zero issues.